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Fala Flame is an iconing community designed specifically for icons for use in roleplay. velthomer makes way too damn many RP icons, and figured she could use a place to dump them all. Thus, falaflame was born.

LiveJournal roleplaying usually requires the use of PBs (played-bys), which can be either real people or animated characters. These PBs usually have varied icons uploaded to match their different moods. This community was made to share iconsets with varied moods/expressions for a variety of different PBs, specifically for use in character journals.

Iconsets will be updated periodically as more icons are made. Click here for a list of currently available PBs and links to the iconsets. If your desired PB isn't available, you may request it here, though there's no guarantees I'll actually get around to it. I promise to give it a shot, though!
Comment and credit if taking any icons. Credit may go to velthomer, neonclover. Crediting falaflame is also acceptable.

These icons will be, for the most part, textless. This does not make them bases. You may ask for velthomer's permission if you'd like to alter any icons.

Do not hotlink the icons.

Do not redistribute without permission and credit.

Do not request in the icon posts, there's a specific post for requesting here.

You may use the icons in your personal journals if you wish (the above rules still apply).
Why "Fala Flame?"
velthomer (also known in some parts as neonclover) happens to be a Fire Emblem geek. Fala Flame and Velthomer are both names from the game Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, the fourth installment of the Fire Emblem series. If you haven't played it yet, you suck.

Yes, honeybadger, it's a random name. Go away.

Why RP icons?
Because velthomer can't seem to icon for any other purposes. However, this does not mean icons are restricted for RP use, feel free to use them in your personal journal if you would like.

Why the hell velthomer and not neonclover??
Because neonclover thinks her personal journal is clogged enough as it is and wanted a geeky username for a geekily-named community.


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